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How about a reality check? I can vouch for the fact that at least one or two perfumes at every home have the inevitable ingredient of Oudh and Oriental spices! Yes, you can definitely cross-check!

From being the Arab’s favorite form of fragrance to being the perfect choice for Europeans and Americans, Oudh and Oriental amalgams have definitely traveled beyond far! Evolving from the love and interest of the Arabs for perfumes and scents, these magical potions are now an unavoidable part of privileged brands and a must-buy souvenir for anybody visiting the Arab countries. This has been my newest area of experimentation and development, with much compassion and belongingness!

Once, William Shakespeare praised his character Lady Macbeth vide these lines:
 "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand!"
If he was alive today, this might need a second thought as the development of fragrances owned and patented by the Arabian context is beyond words, emotions, and praises! 

In the history leaflets of olden times, it has been inscribed that Romans were among the first to identify the perfume heredity of Arabia, and had invested a lot in developing the same. Falling in love with the place and the fruits that blossomed out of their efforts, they even called the place with love as ‘Happy Arabia’! How interesting is this today when the brands run a race to consume the right amount of Arabian scents in making their products exceptionally viable and lucidly real!

Today, Arabian traditional culture and benevolence to great odors are utilized and seen as a great incubator of concepts by many world-class leading perfumers and entrepreneurs! Stepping onto creating new trends and innovations in the perfume industry, the space that most associated leaders of Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland suggest is the Middle East owing to the quality it has exhibited over the years in abundance! That’s truly a golden feather in UAE’s cap and a bow to the immense treasures they behold!

Would you believe if I said that the European premium brand on your dressing table has a big ratio of Arabian scents going into its manufacture? Hard to digest, right? Let me list a few of them for you!

Starting from Gucci Oud, this is one global unisex product launched in 2014 screaming the essentials of Oudh and Oriental scents throughout its life-span! With pear, raspberry, and saffron making the top state of the perfume, the impressions are well structured. With a heart note of Bulgarian rose and orange flower, the perfect orientation of the odor is so well-thought and created. Carried on with the continuum of Oudh, oriental oozes, patchouli, amber, and musk, do you need anything else to be captivated with the mystical spell? 

The next in line is the Victoria Couture, an incredible masterpiece owing every bit of appreciation in the world! Personally being my favorite, this bottle of magic released in 2010, has gone straight from the factories to the hearts of the audience! This has got no gender specifications, and is loved by all equally owing to its magnificent Fougère base scent! Since it has been out in the market, this has been topping the best-sellers list for quite long and has more than 20 lakh pieces sold out globally. What a spectacular record is that! If you ask us why, it’s all about the remarkable amalgamation of spicy pepper grinds and gentle floral scents of rose, mixed in a solution of authentic Oudh! To top it all, the odor that stays originates from the final touches using musk, amber, and one more tint of the magical Oudh! This doesn’t need any other clarification to prove why it stole so many hearts and souls worldwide!
Further to this, Oudh Malaki, Velvet Desert Oudh, Dior Oudh Ispan, Boss Bottled Oudh, Gucci Absolute, Arabian Eagle Old Indian Oudh, and Silk Oudh are all additions to this series of Arabian scent-inspired innovations! 

I can assure from my years of experience, this place has yet undiscovered treasures to be found deep under the soils! Centuries ago, Ibn Batuta described through his writings about Arabia after his visit, “If a native of this place walks by, the whole context gets personified in a gentle and breath-taking scent and aura!”  Today, the spread doesn’t limit to the immediate surroundings, but across seven skies and seas! And the time is not far when the flavor will broaden over the heavens above! 

What is your experience with Oriental fragrances? We would love to hear your tales!

With love,
Faizal Changampally



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