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 “A father holds his child’s hand for a short while, but he holds its heart forever.”

And this Father’s day, hold his heart and get in there with the best of fragrances. Let’s give the baggy shirts and frivolous watches a break, and spread a little aura over the bond you share. In this blog, get our expert recommendations on the best 7 choices for every super dad out there, as no dad is the same!

Here you go!


For the debonair dad, loving it crisp and trim always, the Eau Sauvage by Dior is a complete treat to the noses and eyes! With a revolutionary module that bursts out with mood-lifting citrus notes of raspberry and bergamot and closes out with raw yet gorgeous earthy flavors of musk and amber, it portrays the classy, charismatic, and vibrant gentleman beneath.

Being the winner of the “Fragrance of the Year 2019” in the Men’s Prestige at FiFi Awards, this one can completely leave your Dad spell-bound with nostalgia and love!


For the sweetest souls that ever exist, to represent the outside-hard yet inside-moist hearts of the father figure, the Victoria Couture by Victoria Hills is just the unbelievable match! Taking your love and acceptance to a different level with the opening florescence of oriental and fruity delicacies from bergamot and ylang-ylang, the perfume slightly falls into a trench of anise flourishing over your skin for long.

Having made a legacy at every home in the last few hours, this most-loved fragrance can relish the past reconnecting your duo to bigger experiences.

       3.  ARABIAN EAGLE 222

Is your father as funky and bold as it can get? Well, the Arabian Eagle 222 is just everything ballsy for the fathers who have got swords and shield any day to warrior it all out! With a mindboggling experience of travel from the notes of cinnamon and citrus joggle to its fierce expression of the evergreen musk and amber, this one can never be ignored. Get one for your hero, and watch him flaunt it everywhere!

Personifying the ‘strong ferocious dad’ all through its look and smell, the Arabian Eagle 222 is all steals! Undoubtedly some power-packed potion in a bottle!


For the dad who knows what he’s doing; be it the relaxing cradle on the rocking chair in the balcony or the brilliance taking him ways ahead at work, the Terre D’Hermes by Hermes is mere avant-garde! With hard and soft entangled gracefully, the freshness of citrus notes of orange and grapefruit harmonizes the muddy rawness of cedarwood and patchouli. With the right spice of black pepper and the magic of benzoin, this one can never lose its space ever.

Take your dad’s level of peace and stability to another degree with the Hermes illusion. Soothe his heart and aura with a little sweet and sophisticated fragrance, calming the tides.


Every moment with your father is worth holding a chapter in the story of your existence. Make your bond immortal with Chapter 02 by Qissati My Story, an exuberant scent that flows from a slow start to a steady interval and a nail-biting climax, just like a story worth reading! With woody and aromatic notes intertwining to form a blossoming glory, this can just make your dad the author of his life; why not let him feel that!

Being the favorite of the middle-aged men, this will never go without skipping a heartbeat, it’s a promise! Warm his soul with a story worth narrating, just like his!


Fathers are just the accurate gamers ever, perfect jugglers of emotions and life, undeniably setting statements on their own! The Beautifull Wood by Holy Oud is nothing different, with a fragrance of brilliant game, refines, and making a legacy in the citrus and aromatic splendor. With the stripes of grapefruit and orange blossom taking the waves of prestige as it passes the woody platform of cedarwood and Tonka bean, this 2021 launched fragrance has already taken its place in the books!

For the businessman on a mission, for the man in love with his family, for the warrior fighting odd, the Beautifull Wood by Holy Oud hits the right spot!


Vacations, golf sessions, and outdoor times! Does that sound like your all-time-fun dad? Then the L’eau S’Issey by Issey Miyake is what fits right, the ultimate water scent for any man! Opening its play with citrus essences of bergamot, lemon, yuzu, and sage, the odor odysseys through lanes of botany with geranium, lily of the valley, lotus, mignonette, and saffron, the woody notes of musk and vetiver flairs its frills beyond your nose, the scent have just done the needed, no words needed!

For the cool daddy persona, for the one who earns to enjoy the flavors of life, the L’eau D’ Issey by Issey Miyake is a blessing in disguise! Gift him this piece of heaven and watch him fly!


Well, it’s time to pamper your dads, with every fragrance they adore! Get Set Go! Which perfume is your father’s savior in a bottle?


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