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In my beginning days, years back, I had another frequent customer that touched my heart, a lady so humble, gentle, and down to earth. I remember her talking very less and getting the same mild fragrance every time. Today, when I think back, I realize how amazing the perfume she chose spoke about the character she beholds. In a family of power of fame, she was everything ‘mild and simple’, so was her choice of odor; The Cacharel Noa. I am not sure if it’s the subtle feel of the perfume or the discrete personality of the lady that made me a fan of this product!

With a  very different package of small fragrant flora, delicate spices, velvet fruit molecules, and coffee beans, this beauty is the perfect feminine choice seemingly very light and emotional but yet more than bold and intrepid. With beautiful top notes of Freesia, Peach skin, Peony, and musk, all in its powdered form, makes his perfume the eye-catcher at first sight. Sandwiching the extremes with white flowers, ylang-ylang, and rose, the heart note is kept simple owing to its identity. The base notes of Woody, Coffee, and incense make the piece abide by ‘simple but powerful’!

There are many other mild fragrances in the market very similar to Cacharel Noa created by Olivier Cresp in 1998. If you’re someone looking for fragrances that are minimal blending into your thoughts and perspectives, you’ll definitely want to read further.

One that I really relate to is the Bvlgary Omnia launched in 2005 by the immensely loved Alberto Morillas. If you ask me why, I would have different answers, from its presentation outlook that’s very unique to its supremacy mildly inculcated in its design inspired by the perfect formation of crystals. Every note is vibrant making its scent so simply elegant, be it the top note of apples, pears, bamboo, and Nashi fruit, the heart note of feminist touches and lotus gentleness, or the base note of woody that makes it stay for a long period of time. Due to all the floral participation in its design, the sheer resemblance through its delicacy and frailty is so notable, keeping it lenient at the same time.
Eclat d'Arpège is another one that I adore for its mild essences. With fulfilling top odors of green lilac and Sicilian orange leaves, it brings every corner of your sleeping minds alive. With Wisteria floral aroma, peach flowers in abundance, and Indria red peony in its heart, it keeps you cool and fresh always. This perfume stays longer than many others despite its milder versions of scent, and I’ve been pondering over the same. Well, needing no verification, the base notes of essential green tea leaves, base cedar from Lebanon, and luxurious amber rightly click together to fuel the magic! This creation has always been the trademark of Karine Dubreuill since its launch in 2002. No surprise at all!

Calvin Klein has always been a master head behind many mild options of perfumes. One among them is the Calvin Klein Truth that has rightly caught the feminine breezes, from the delicate emotions to the absolute gentleness of application. This product is an incredible amalgam of bamboo, wet wood, white peony, vanilla, white amber, and sandalwood, flows into your hearts, and creates a peaceful shore amidst all the wilderness. This shrieks out expertise, and to no wonder, is a combined effort of master perfumers like Alberto Morillas, Jacques Cavallier, and Thierry Wasser! And so the fascination behind the scent!

As I said before too, talking about perfumes and fragrances is my only cup of tea, and I can go on, with no pause. But to add a few more of my ideal mild scents, Lacoste perfume, and Eau De Cartier are all worth the hype. You might be thinking, ‘Who would go for a mild one?’ 
Surprisingly, the audience these perfumes invite is exciting and unbelievable in numbers. For different reasons behind, from not being a fan of hardcore ones to being affected with headaches from the latter to simply being the right one to match one’s identity, this area of fragrances are underrated but privileged. 

How do you like it? Mild or strong? Which is your favorite? Let me know if I have to update my list!

Hoping for a peaceful aroma,
Faizal Changampally



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