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To the one that deserves it the most, to the womb that made your aura alive and fresh, to the epitome of love and sacrifice, to the heart that never fails to beat for you, to the mother that weaves it all together!

To the lady love of your life, to your mom of 2021, spread a fragrant air in their lives with us, this Mother's Day! Here are a few recommendations from our team to clarify your doubts about getting a present for the day.



Beholding a delectable aroma withering off the natural petals, this is for the mother effortlessly welcoming challenges her way and for those who takes no chance and time in nodding ‘yes’ to doing new and exciting stuff! With charming freshness of blackcurrant veins spiralling into the seducing vanilla brightness softened with the glory of roses and freesia, this brings memories back into action signing her presence along her trail.

For the lady of nectar and mandarin, for the queen of the gardens and the woods, for the goddess of grit and reputation, this is the perfect alluring fit as she raises her crown!

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     2.  NO5 BY CHANEL


An extravaganza of floral ensemble, an explosion of glorious facets, and a metaphor for the strong yet elegant mothers that rule homes and workplaces! Culminating the floral notes of May Rose and Jasmine into lemon and orange flavours, the NO5 series of perfumes steals breaths over with a vulnerable and ferocious instinct. Creamed with the Bourbon Vanilla along the meticulous layers of finesse, this can keep the warmth alive for long, for the exceptional!

And when she gracefully seats herself on the throne with battle armour on, the elixir from the house of Chanel can fix her costume as the lady takes her walk of life.

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Is it being amongst a paradise of flowers and smelling like the most gorgeous of them that interests and brings a spark in your mother’s eyes? Well, then your search ends here at the Paradise by Public Affair flourishing in beds of Jasmine, Gardenia and orange blossom garnished with teaspoons of Mandarin and peach essences. With an inclination to the Patchouli, and caramelized in beeswax, this green and golden beauty is every closet’s favourite!

If it’s the little things that make her precious smile appear, and if it’s the everyday happiness projects that make her heart sway, then she deserves a piece of paradise of her own!

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For the mother that feels like the first outburst of spring after the cold winter, the Pleasures by Estee Lauder is nothing less than a reflective resemblance. With white lilies, peonies and jasmines blossoming after a season of indoors, walking into the world with fresh mind and soul, the lady love is yet to discover the magical illusions life has for, joyful at every step taken. Finding a petrichor that you can wear after that first rain, sprouting from the woods of Sandalwood and Patchouli, this luxury is explicit quality florescence.

For the one that never leaves hope, for the mother that has her optimistic eyes open all time, for her with an unbelievable positive outlook, for the never regretful, this just goes right into the handbag!

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For those whose beauty uncoils from the marrow, and doesn’t need pretty fashionable fabric to look good or diamond and gems to adorn their skin! As in this bottle of explosions, joyful beauty witnesses a blast of fruity layers with sprinkles of orange and bergamot locked safe in a treasure of wooden planks of musk and amber. Melting like vanilla ice-cream over made up beauty standards effortlessly, the wearer walk a stroll of pride and self-love!

Is she all about a jumping fur ball of happiness and irresistible substance, then the Joy of Beauty by Victor Hills can be her friend in disguise and need!

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With a vintage time-parcel that comes as bouquets of roses to show the love she deserves, Boutique La Vie by Olive Perfumes is a present above all! For the mothers who are refined and spread a rosy glamour and blush every time they speak of love and fondness, for the shy and the calm, for the shore to every wavy ferocious sea, this can be a harmonious balance of emotions. With rose petals unravelling through musk wood notes with a sprint of orange at intervals, this bottle is waiting for its lid to opened to wave off the aura into a heavenly space.

A token of gratitude and appreciation for every mother that gives meaning to relationships, for every lady that warms our spirit with nothing but selfless fragments of her life, with Boutique La Vie!

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When you see her walk smiling over the puddles taking every precious moment captured in capsules of the brain, you know she deserves a crystal that shines her name even in the darkness. And so does the Bright Crystal by Versace with the blended Yuzu and Pomegranate with flavoured chills of peony slates, magnolia petals and lotus drops. With a common juxtaposition of musk and amber into the vivacious troupe, this engraves the smiling faces even in pain on stone, which never fades.

Dedicated to every heartless beings that has nothing but blessings and smiles to share, keeping the sadness to themselves, the Versace Bright Crystal is no less than a piece of peace for their restless hearts!

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Well, for the mothers of today, having their sleeves up to get things done than sitting hours in front of the dressing table, for the ones that have a long day, the Le Rose by Holy Oud can be relief through the nose. When roses are often not a choice by these go-getters, this magical potion of glory with rose petals alloying with the oriental texture of musk is often a high-held prestige. With drizzling honey to multiply the sweetness as they dodge off problems like a boss, this one is for the ferocious women who are mothers at home and rulers in life!

And if she has everything except a dagger to fight through it all, and still keep her delightful throughout the derogatory, then the Le Rose by Holy Oud is all she needs!

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      9.  JADORE BY DIOR


With youth at heart, dancing to the tunes of life, playing bat and ball with the responsibilities, and clearing the umpire’s role to guide fellows, Jadore by Dior can be the right partner in crime for every mother. The next time she navigates her soul into the clubs meant for only the young, and when she loosens her hair to fly in the wind during a long night drive, let the fresh essence of magnolia, tuberose, orchids, plums, roses and what not find its way to all the noses around! Let her be herself, with an orchard she carries of purity and righteousness with a creamy vanilla that flows over the musky base with a few sweeps of orange and bergamot.

And if a tide on a beach or the puddle when it rains is enough o get her glee go wide, then be it, with Jadore by Dior!

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