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Ilona Lunden 100% Natural Skin And Hair Elixir Legend
Ilona Lunden 100% Natural Skin And Hair Elixir Legend
Ilona Lunden 100% Natural Skin And Hair Elixir Legend
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Ilona Lunden 100% Natural Skin And Hair Elixir Legend

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About product

Sasanqua, rice bran, arnica, wheat germ, avocado, almond, macadamia, jojoba and abyssinian mustard seed’ oils. Ylang-ylang and rose essential oils . The oxidizing agent as a preservative. In addition to them, there is nothing in this bottle. These 12 components ensure that …

YOUR SKIN is protected from the negative effects of the environment. Increases firmness and elasticity. The skin is regenerated and smoothed. The protective lipid layer is restored, the keratinization process is normalized. The production of sebum is balanced. Components of the elixir protect against ultraviolet radiation.

IN YOUR HAIR, the processes of reconstruction of damaged areas are accelerated. Active hair growth stimulated. Healing oils fight seasonal loss, cross-section and fragility. Drying after staining is prevented, the condition of thin and damaged hair is significantly improved, combing is facilitated.

 100% of natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Anything but the above.
  • Ilona Lunden elixir is 100% natural product.



Skin: accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions, relieves swelling.

Hair: stimulate blood circulation, due to which it intensively fights against hair loss and even baldness.


Skin: softens and nourishes, protects against peeling and drying out, actively prevents moisture loss. Improves color, prevents age spots.

Hair: increase the elasticity and firmness of curls, stimulate growth, fight cross-section and brittleness.


Skin: balances the production of sebum, eliminates acne, gives elasticity and tenderness, stimulates the growth of new cells.

Hair: prevents hair from drying out after dyeing, combats brittleness and cross-section.


Skin: has a regenerative and protective effect. Prevention of age pigment spots, actively moisturizing, protecting from drying and peeling. In particular, from ultraviolet radiation.

Hair: eliminates brittleness and cross-section, improves the condition of the cuticle, returns lost natural strength and stimulates hair growth.


Skin: tightens, nourishes, softens, cleanses pores, has a tonic effect.

Hair: perfectly stimulates growth and strengthens. Nourishes the roots, enhances shine, flexibility and elasticity.


Skin: moisturizes and smoothes. Restores the protective lipid layer, normalizes the process of keratinization. Resists the negative effects of irritating environmental factors, reduce inflammatory reactions, tones.

Hair: strengthens, moisturizes, nourishes, gives shine and radiance.

ЭФИРНОЕ МАСЛО РОЗЫ ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL is one of the most expensive in the world!

Skin: intensively regenerates and smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity. Significantly refreshing and deeply moisturizing. Rejuvenates, improves skin elasticity, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, helps in the fight against schemes and striae, gives an even and beautiful color. Eliminates irritation, inflammation and peeling.

Hair: facilitate combing, intensively restores, strengthens, moisturizes, stimulates growth.


Skin: protects from the negative effects of the environment. Reduces stretch marks and age spots, prevents the appearance of freckles and wrinkles.

Hair: strengthens follicles, intensively stimulates growth, gives volume and restores healthy shine.

МАСЛО РИСОВЫХ ОТРУБЕЙ RICE BRAN OIL is rich in natural antioxidants that fight free radicals and naturally promote youthful skin.

Skin: interferes with the process of pigmentation of melanin, intercepting ultraviolet rays and prevents their penetration inside. It promotes the regeneration of the skin prevents the appearance of wrinkles, increases firmness and elasticity, has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, regenerating, softening effects.

Hair: significantly improves the condition of thin and damaged hair.


Skin: moisturizes and nourishes, deeply penetrates the pores. Especially beneficial for inflamed, overdried and flaky skin. It softens scars and scars, fights cellulite.

Hair: prevents brittleness, section and tangling. Deeply moisturizes, fights dry dandruff and hair loss.


Skin: nourishes and softens, fights against free radicals, deeply moisturizes and protects from the adverse effects of external factors.

Hair: intensive moisturizing, gives shine and strength.

Ritual of application

After thorough washing gently apply 2-3 drops of the elixir to the skin with your fingertips.

Once a week, after thorough cleansing with exfoliation, spend a 15-minute face massage on the elixir.

If you do not use face masks from ILONA LUNDEN, enrich your mask with 2-3 drops of elixir before use.

To restore the length and ends of the hair, apply the elixir 1-2 hours before washing your hair. For a more intense recovery, leave the elixir for 8-10 hours. During the restoration ritual by ILONA LUNDEN, the elixir can be slightly warmed up on the hair with a hot towel or a hairdryer.

To stimulate hair growth, apply the elixir in partings and enhance its effect with a 15-minute massage of the scalp.

To soften the effects of hair coloring, add 10 drops of elixir to the diluted dye or brightener.

If you do not use shampoos and balms from ILONA LUNDEN, enrich a portion of your shampoo or balm with 2-3 drops of an elixir before applying.

After an evening shower, apply the elixir to the skin with massage movements.

Enrich with 2-3 drops of elixir the composition of your cream or body lotion.

Add 10-15 drops of ILONA LUNDEN Elixir to the bath. Upon completion the bath, allow the elixir to care for your skin until the morning and do not wash off the sticky layer from the skin with shower gel, rinse with water and pat your body with a towel.

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