Ilona Lunden Deep Moisturizing Body Cream-Mask Hydra 24
Ilona Lunden Deep Moisturizing Body Cream-Mask Hydra 24

Ilona Lunden Deep Moisturizing Body Cream-Mask Hydra 24

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About product

ILONA LUNDEN Deep moisturizing body cream-mask Hydra 24 provides extremely deep penetration and maximum preservation of the level of moisture. It’s able to withstand any dehydrating effects (insolation, air conditioning, heaters, wind, etc.). The Deep moisturizing body cream-mask precious composition included some of the most powerful natural hydrates: hyaluronic acid, galactoarabinan, panthenol, glycerin, mannan, urea and trehalose.
A carefully selected complex of 8 natural extracts enhances skin elasticity and strength, which is especially valuable for the decollete, thighs and arms inner surface.
4 oils maintain the integrity of the lipid barrier, protecting against moisture loss and increasing skin elasticity. Enzymes, distillates of flowers and vitamins every day improves the condition of the skin, making it attractively velvety and radiant.

 96% of natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Formaldehyde and its derivatives


ГИАЛУРОНОВАЯ КИСЛОТА  LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID is a powerful moisturizer that creates an invisible barrier on the skin that prevents the evaporation of moisture.

ГАЛАКТОАРАБИНАН  GALACTOARABINAN (a natural polysaccharide) preserves the skin’s natural moisture level throughout the day.

ПАНТЕНОЛ  PANTHENOL instantly eliminates dryness and irritation, restores healthy radiance and velvety skin.


ГЛИЦЕРИН  GLYCERIN improves the penetration of moisture into the deeper layers of the skin.


МАННАН  MANNAN has a pronounced moisturizing effect, tones and improves elasticity.


МОЧЕВИНА  UREA is one of the best natural ingredients fighting keratinization and excessive dryness of elbows and knees. It deeply moisturizes and gently exfoliates.

ТРЕГАЛОЗА  TREHALOSE significantly improves the level of hydration and tissue elasticity.


МАСЛО ШИ (КАРИТЕ)  SHEA BUTTER actively moisturizes and softens the skin.

ПУЭРАРИЯ МИРИФИКА PUERARIA MIRIFICA significantly increases elasticity and strength of the neckline, inner surfaces of the thighs and arms.

ФЕРМЕНТАТИВНЫЕ ЭКСТРАКТЫ БАЦИЛЛ и СОЕВЫХ БОБОВ ENZYME FILTRATE OF BACILLUS AND SOYA BEANS help maintain the natural water balance and restore metabolic processes.

ФОЛИЕВАЯ КИСЛОТА FOLIC ACID allows active cell regeneration, helps to avoid a feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

МАСЛО ЖОЖОБА  JOJOBA OIL preserves the integrity of the lipid barrier, protects the skin from dehydration and increases its elasticity.

МАСЛО МАКАДАМИИ  MACADAMIA OIL is instantly absorbed and evenly distributed on the surface of the skin, giving it a radiant and healthy appearance.

МАСЛО ОЛИВЫ  OLIVE OIL (a natural alternative to silicones) makes the skin smooth and silky without feeling oily and sticky.

ЭКСТРАКТ ПШЕНИЦЫ  WHEAT EXTRACT due to the high content of the complex of vitamins, micro- and microelements restore the natural moisture level, which leads to a gradual reduction of scars and stretch marks.

ЭКСТРАКТ ЛИСТЬЕВ ЦЕНТЕЛЛЫ АЗИАТСКОЙ CENTELLA ASIATICA LEAVES EXTRACT stimulates microcirculation, enhances nutrition and metabolic processes in the skin, which has a beneficial effect on its general condition.

ДИСТИЛЛЯТ ЦВЕТОВ АПЕЛЬСИНА LAVENDER FLOWER DISTILLATE effectively eliminates redness and inflammation.

ДИСТИЛЛЯТ ЦВЕТОВ ЛАВАНДЫ ORANGE BLOSSOM DISTILLATE gently cares for dry and sensitive skin, prepares it for renewal and soothes irritated areas.




ЭКСТРАКТ РЖИ RYE EXTRACT helps exfoliate dead cells, stimulates cell renewal, eliminates uneven skin.


ЭКСТРАКТ АПЕЛЬСИНА ORANGE EXTRACT enhances blood circulation, effectively fights cellulite. It fills the skin with energy.


ЭКСТРАКТ ЛИМОНА LEMON EXTRACT tones and improves the regenerative ability of the skin.


ЭКСТРАКТ САХАРНОГО ТРОСТНИКА CANE SUGAR EXTRACT contains glycolic acid, which stimulates the use of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.


ЭКСТРАКТ ЧЕРНИКИ BLACKBERRY EXTRACT promotes the subsequent faster renewal of the epidermal layer of the skin.

ВИТАМИН Е VITAMIN E (a natural antioxidant) fights free radicals.


СМОЛА АКАЦИИ Acacia resin has a calming and healing effect.

Ritual of application

As a cream: in the morning and evening apply to clean, dry skin of the body and gently massage the treated area until the moisturizing composition is completely absorbed.

As a mask: after using a body scrub, apply a thick layer on the skin areas that require additional moisturizing. Wrap the application and keep it for 30-45 minutes. Upon completion of the SPA procedure remove the remnants with a dry towel. Does not require rinsing.

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