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Ilona Lunden Enzyme Gel Perfect Cleansing
Ilona Lunden Enzyme Gel Perfect Cleansing
Ilona Lunden Enzyme Gel Perfect Cleansing
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Ilona Lunden Enzyme Gel Perfect Cleansing

AED 159
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PAY AED 159 
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About product

You will forget about the use of brushes for washing, rubbing and stretching the skin with a thorough cleansing of dirt and makeup.
The powerful cleansing gel composition not only cleans and maintains the hydrolipidic balance of the skin but also significantly increases the bioavailability of products applied after the cleansing step.
Enzymes also nourish and moisturize the skin. Besides perfect cleansing, their other main function is to stimulate, accelerate skin metabolic processes and regeneration at the cellular level, restore its energy balance and protective function.

 95% of natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Sulphates
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Coal tar
  • Mineral oil
  • Formaldehyde and its derivatives


КОЛЛАГЕН COLLAGEN restores cell membranes, saturates the skin with moisture, blocks the negative effects of free radicals, reduces the effects of age and emotional overload.

ФЕРМЕНТ BACILLUS BACILLUS ENZYME thoroughly cleanses the skin and promotes subsequent active epidermal renewal without violating the barrier functions of the skin.

АМИНОКИСЛОТЫ ЯБЛОКА APPLE AMINO ACIDS at the cellular level affect all processes occurring in the tissue, improving its condition.

ФРУКТОВЫЕ ЭНЗИМЫ ЧЕРИМОЙИ CHERIMOYA FRUIT ENZYMES gently exfoliate and even out the microrelief of the skin.


МАСЛО РИСА RICE OIL in Japan is traditionally used for skincare. It restores the lipid barrier, softens; heals sensitive, weathered, inflamed and dry skin; strengthens the natural protective functions of the skin, has a regenerative effect.

ГАЛАКТОАРАБИНАН GALACTOARABINAN is a natural polysaccharide obtained from the leaves of larch. Protects against moisture loss, makes the skin more elastic and evens complexion.

МАСЛО ОРЕХА БАБАССУ BABASSU OIL prevents moisture loss, softens and smoothes the skin, giving it a natural glow and freshness.

ФОСФОЛИПИДЫ и СФИНГОЛИПИДЫ PHOSPHOLIPIDS and SPHINGOLIPIDS help to strengthen the skin’s barrier functions.


МАСЛО МАЛИНЫ RASPBERRY OIL helps to normalize intracellular metabolism, prevents premature aging, protects against free radicals.

МАСЛО ВИШНИ CHERRY OIL smoothes, nourishes, moisturizes and improves firmness.


ЭКСТРАКТ ИМБИРЯ GINGER EXTRACT regulates the production of sebum, helps to remove toxins from the skin, tightens and tones, normalizes blood circulation and oxygen saturation of tissues.

ЭКСТРАКТ КОРНЯ КРОВОХЛЕБКИ BURNET ROOT EXTRACT tightens pores and has a pronounced bactericidal effect.


ЭКСТРАКТ МАЛЬВЫ MALLOW EXTRACT promotes the regeneration of the skin and the elimination of edema.


ЭКСТРАКТ КОРЫ КАССИИ КОРИЧНОЙ CINNAMON BARK (CASSIA CINNAMON) EXTRACT stimulates blood circulation and improves cellular metabolism.

МЁД  HONEY improves the peeling of dead cells, due to its organic acids.


МАСЛО ШИ (КАРИТЕ) SHEA BUTTER (KARITE) nourishes and moisturizes areas of increased dryness.


ГИАЛУРОНОВАЯ КИСЛОТА HYALURONIC ACID maintains water balance in skin cells.


ЭЛАСТИН ELASTIN restores the epidermal skin barrier, firmness and elasticity. Prevents the formation of first wrinkles.


СМОЛА АКАЦИИ ACACIA RESIN has a calming and healing effect.

Ritual of application

With light touches apply the gel on the skin, wait for 10-15 seconds, then rinse thoroughly.

For deeper cleansing, soak the gel on the skin once a week for 7-10 minutes. Complete the cleansing treatment with a subsequent application of a moisturizing mask.

(!) Contains natural ingredients. Discontinue use if a sign of irritation appears.

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