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Ilona Lunden Eye Mask Intensive Moisturizing
Ilona Lunden Eye Mask Intensive Moisturizing

Ilona Lunden Eye Mask Intensive Moisturizing

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About product

Fight the aging of the fragile skin around your eyes with the Intensive moisturizing eye mask ILONA LUNDEN. Contains hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and elastin for instant and long-lasting hydration. 3 natural oils and 4 extracts return its firmness, elasticity and radiance. 4 seaweed moisturize and saturate with minerals. Vitamin E improves blood circulation in the skin and stimulates cell renewal. Caffeine tones, and lecithin strengthens.

 93% of natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Formaldehyde and its derivatives


НИЗКОМОЛЕКУЛЯРНАЯ ГИАЛУРОНОВАЯ КИСЛОТА LOW-MOLECULAR HYALURONIC ACID not only moisturizes the skin, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and also fights existing ones. Eliminates circles and bags under the eyes.

ЭКСТРАКТ ВАСИЛЬКА  CORNFLOWER EXTRACT has pronounced regenerative and stimulating effects; improves blood circulation in small vessels; struggles with the loss of tone; slows down the aging process.

ЭКСТРАКТ ЦЕНТЕЛЛЫ АЗИАТСКОЙ  CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT accelerating the production of the skin’s own collagen, stimulates metabolism, makes the skin supple and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Relieves swelling, restores capillaries, affects the circulatory system. It has the ability to regenerate and heal tissues. Stops the aging process of cells.

МОРСКОЙ КОЛЛАГЕН  MARINE COLLAGEN in its structure is closest to human collagen and therefore is absorbed as efficiently as possible. It strengthens the delicate skin under the eyes and prevents the loss of moisture; moisturizes and compensates for the loss of amino acids in the skin. It has nutritious, regenerative and healing effects.

ПРОТЕИНЫ СОИ ПРОТЕИНЫ ПШЕНИЦЫ SOYA BEANS, WHEAT AND CORN PROTEINS neutralize the action of free radicals and nourish the skin.


ЭЛАСТИН  ELASTIN has a water-holding ability and restores skin elasticity.


МАСЛО СЕМЯН ПОДСОЛНЕЧНИКА  SUNFLOWER SEED OIL intensively nourishes and deeply moisturizes.


ВИТАМИН Е  VITAMIN E slows down the aging process; calms irritations and inflammations on the face; improves blood circulation to the skin; stimulates cell renewal; smoothes and tightens the skin; perfectly softens and moisturizes.

МАСЛО МАКАДАМИИ  MACADAMIA OIL acts as an antioxidant that prevents the destruction of cell membranes; prevents keratoses and premature aging; eliminates irritation and peeling; restores softness, elasticity and tenderness of the skin; tones and moisturizes.

МАСЛО ЖОЖОБА  JOJOBA OIL moisturizes and nourishes, penetrating deep into the pores. Particularly beneficial for overdried and flaky skin areas.

МАСЛО ШИ (КАРИТЕ)  SHEA BUTTER (KARITE) promotes the synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin. Visibly improves skin tone and overall freshness. Protects the skin from harmful UV rays and other aggressive environmental influences.

ВОДОРОСЛИ ВАКАМЕ WAKAME ALGAE penetrating deep into the skin, intensely moisturizes and softens, increases skin elasticity.

ВОДОРОСЛИ ФУКУС FUCUS ALGAE is rightly called the winners of skin sagging.

КАПРИЛИК  CAPRYLIC has a good hydration effect, because it reduces the evaporation of water from the skin, moisturizes the upper layer of skin cells, nourishes and protects from the negative effects of the external environment.

КОФЕИН  CAFFEINE tones, increases firmness and elasticity of the skin.


ЛЕЦИТИН  LECITHIN by improving the biological properties of the membranes of skin cells makes it elastic, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin color.

СМОЛА АКАЦИИ ACACIA RESIN has a calming and healing effect.

Ritual of application

Apply on the area around the eyes with light tapping motions. Wait for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The mask provides immediate hydration and has no use restrictions. For a more intense treatment, you can leave the mask without rinsing.

And do not forget to end your home spa ritual with a nice compliment to yourself.



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