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Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Cooling Body Sculpt
Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Cooling Body Sculpt
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Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Cooling Body Sculpt

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About product

ILONA LUNDEN Lifting wrap Cooling body sculpt contains a rich complex of active components which have a pronounced drainage effect, help to reduce the body volume and even the skin relief.
10 plant extracts help to maintain skin tone and smoothness, return elasticity and youth to your body, deeply saturating the skin with vitamins and minerals.
3 seaweed improve skin condition, promote the elimination of toxins.
7 natural amino acids, allantoin, marine collagen and elastin instantly accelerate blood circulation in problem areas and activate the subsequent breakdown of fat.
With our lifting wrap Cooling body sculpt your skin will be significantly smooth after the first application!

 90% natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Formaldehyde and its derivatives


БУРАЯ МОРСКАЯ ВОДОРОСЛЬ KELP (BROWN SEA ALGAE) normalizes metabolism in the subcutaneous fat, intensely activates the breakdown of fats and leads to the disappearance of cellulite. Normalizes metabolic processes, prevents sagging skin.

ВОДОРОСЛЬ ФУКУС FUCUS ALGAE fights against sagging skin.


ЭКСТРАКТ ВОДОРОСЛЕЙ ENTEROMOPHA СOMPRESSA и LITOTAMNION CALCAREUM ENTEROMORPHA COMPRESSA AND LITHOTHAMNIUM CALCAREUM ALGAE EXTRACTS stimulate blood circulation, improve skin condition, promote the elimination of toxins, reduce volumes.

ЭКСТРАКТ ГУАРАНЫ GUARANA EXTRACT has a tonic, stimulating, enhancing energy metabolism property. Intensively fights cellulite. It is a natural colorant and flavor.

ЭКСТРАКТ ЦВЕТКОВ РОМАШКИ CHAMOMILE FLOWER EXTRACT calms, refreshes and moisturizes, stimulates cell renewal.

ЭКСТРАКТ ШАЛФЕЯ ЛЕКАРСТВЕННОГО SAGE EXTRACT has a pronounced antioxidant effect. Also, the addition of sage extract to the recipe allows us to increase the shelf life of the product.

ЭКСТРАКТ КОНСКОГО КАШТАНА HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT helps with chronic venous insufficiency, etiology, varicose veins, trophic disorders. Effectively combats cellulite, as well as post-traumatic or postoperative edema of soft tissues.

ЭКСТРАКТ ПЛЮЩА IVY EXTRACT produces an intense regenerative effect. Increases skin firmness and elasticity, fights cellulite, moisturizes, improves blood circulation, reduces sedimentation, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

МОЛЕКУЛЫ МОРСКОГО КОЛЛАГЕНА MARINE COLLAGEN penetrates deep into the skin and perfectly assimilates due to the similarity of the structure. Has a regenerative effect, helps new cells to reach the skin surface faster, which helps to fight stretch marks, helps moisturize and compensate the loss of amino acids in the skin. Nourishes, strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity.

ЭКСТРАКТ ГОРЬКОГО АПЕЛЬСИНА ORANGE EXTRACT fights against sagging skin, scars, stretch marks (striae) and general toxic pollution of the body. It has a powerful antioxidant and regenerative effect. It restores the elasticity of the skin and the inner surface of the thigh, rejuvenates and smoothes the skin. Helps get rid of cellulite.

ЭКСТРАКТ РОЗМАРИНА ROSMARIN EXTRACT stimulates blood flow to the skin, which helps break down fats and fight cellulite.

НИКОТИНОВАЯ КИСЛОТА NICOTINIC ACID (VITAMIN PP) improves microcirculation in the skin.

ЭКСТРАКТ ЦЕНТЕЛЛЫ АЗИАТСКОЙ CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT increases the production of the skin’s own collagen, stimulate the metabolism. Relieves swelling, restores capillaries, affects the circulatory system. It has the ability to regenerate and heal tissues.

КОФЕИН CAFFEINE has a diuretic property, effectively fights cellulite and activates the breakdown of fats.


ТРЕОНИН THREONINE accelerates detoxification processes.


АЛАНИН ALANINE natural amino acid – relieves muscle fatigue, optimizes metabolic processes in cells. Helps to remove oxidation products formed during intense load. Reduces the content of free radicals in cells.


ПРОЛИН PROLINE natural amino acid – production of collagen that improves the structure of the skin.


СЕРИН SERINE natural amino acid – improves the water balance of the skin, promotes healing and biostimulation.

АРГИНИН ARGININE natural amino acid – accelerates detoxification processes.


ЛИЗИН LYSINE is a natural amino acid – plays the role of building material, helps to fight striae that have already appeared.

АЛЛАНТОИН ALLANTOIN stimulates the growth of new cells, which helps to combat stretch marks, softens the skin.

ГИДРОГЕНИЗИРОВАННОЕ КАСТОРОВОЕ МАСЛО HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL softens the skin, restores the natural moisture level.


ЭЛАСТИН ELASTIN has a water-retaining ability and restores the elasticity of skin tissues.

СОРБИТОЛ SORBITOL is an intensive moisturizer. It is found in nature in seaweed, rowan fruits, plums and apples.

ЭКСТРАКТ АМОРФОФАЛЛУС AMORPHOPHALLUS KONJAC EXTRACT is a natural thickener and stabilizing agent.


ГЛУТАМИНОВАЯ КИСЛОТА GLUTAMIC ACID a natural amino acid – helps neutralize and remove ammonia from the body.


МАСЛО ИЗ СЕМЯН ПОДСОЛНЕЧНИКА SUNFLOWER SEEDS OIL intensively nourishes and deeply moisturizes.


ВОДОРОСЛЬ ВАКАМА  WAKAME ALGAE penetrates deep into the skin, effectively fights cellulite. It is intensively cleansed, moisturizes and softens the skin, improves its elasticity.

МЯТА ПЕРЕЧНАЯ  PEPPERMINT causes slight local irritation and stimulates peripheral skin neuroreceptors, enhances blood microcirculation and helps eliminate unaesthetic vascular patterns. It tones and cleanses the skin, improves its color, increases elasticity and eliminates puffiness.

МЕНТОЛ  MENTHOL has a cooling effect on the skin, tones.


СМОЛА АКАЦИИ ACACIA RESIN has a calming and healing effect.

Ritual of application

Massage into the previously cleansed problem areas, apply plastic wrap for 45 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.


1-2 stage of cellulite: 10-12 procedures, every 3-4 days.

3-4th stage of cellulite: 15-20 procedures, every 3-4 days.

Prevention of cellulite: 2-4 times a month.

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