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Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Heating Body Sculpt
Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Heating Body Sculpt
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Ilona Lunden Lifting Wrap Heating Body Sculpt

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About product

ILONA LUNDEN Lifting wrap Heating body sculpt contains extracts of red pepper, pistachios shinus, hibiscus and vanilla ether. These powerful ingredients stimulate blood circulation, provide a pronounced drainage effect and accelerate microcirculation, activate metabolism, and contribute to the gradual decrease of body volume. Besides, they promote the regeneration and renewal of the epidermis, tone up, refresh and fight sagging in problem areas.

ILONA LUNDEN Heating body wrap contains natural complex of 6 oils and 5 fruit juices nourishes and enhances turgor, smoothes the skin texture, strengthens, improves the overall condition of the skin. L-Arginine deeply moisturizes, stimulates collagen synthesis.

 97% of natural ingredients

 100% import ingredients


  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Formaldehyde and its derivatives


ЦЕНТЕЛЛА АЗИАТСКАЯ CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT enhances blood microcirculation, stimulates tissue regeneration and fights stagnation (edema).

ЭКСТРАКТ ГИБИСКУСА HIBISCUS EXTRACT has the properties of an exfoliant that helps to smooth the skin relief.

ЭКСТРАКТ ШИНУСА ФИСТАШКОЛИСТНОГО SCHINUS TEREBINTHIFOLIUS (Brazilian pepper) is rich in vitamins (groups B, C, E, PP) and minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc). It has powerful tonic and anti-inflammatory properties.

МАСЛО ЦЕДРЫ АПЕЛЬСИНА ORANGE ZEST OIL activates blood circulation, contributing to the normalization of metabolism in cells and their deep cleansing.

ТАНЖЕРИН TANGERINE provides powerful antioxidant protection and returns tired skin a radiant color.


МАСЛО КОРИЦЫ CINNAMON OIL stimulates blood circulation and cares for the surface of the skin, softening and moisturizing it.

МАСЛО ИМБИРЯ GINGER OIL provides a pronounced drainage effect, combating stagnant phenomena, and affects the mechanisms of lipid metabolism, contributing to a gradual decrease in volumes.

СОК АНАНАСА PINEAPPLE JUICE containing the bromelain enzyme evens out the skin texture, activating cell regeneration and renewal.

СОК АПЕЛЬСИНА ORANGE JUICE stimulates cell exfoliation due to the fruit acids contained in it, which in tandem with pineapple juice has a pronounced anti-aging effect, making the skin more radiant and toned.

ЭФИР ВАНИЛИ VANILLA ETHER significantly improves the structure of the skin, making it supple, toned, noticeably smoother and velvety.

ЭКСТРАКТ КРАСНОГО ПЕРЦА RED PEPPER EXTRACT penetrates deeply in the skin, stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the breakdown of fat and the elimination of toxins. It also contains a special substance that inhibits the growth of adipose tissue cells.

СОК ЧЕРНИКИ BLUEBERRY JUICE contains a powerful multivitamin complex that nourishes tired skin. Also, by stimulating cell division, it increases the regeneration of the upper layer of the epidermis, improving the color and structure of the skin.

СОК ЧЕРНОЙ СМОРОДИНЫ BLACK CURRANT JUICE prevents flabbiness, providing tonic, firming and nourishing effects.

L-АРГИНИН L-ARGININ penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, cleanses from the decay products of proteins, thereby improving the condition of tissue integument. Besides, it restores the skin, deeply moisturizing it and stimulating collagen synthesis.

МАСЛО МАКАДАМИИ MACADAMIA OIL instantly absorbs into the skin, noticeably softening it.


МАСЛО ЖОЖОБА JOJOBA OIL along with macadamia oil provides tremendous protection against sagging tissues while reducing volume.

ЯГОДЫ ГОДЖИ GOJI BERRIES effectively eliminate sagging and excessive keratinization.

МАСЛО МЯТЫ КУДРЯВОЙ CURLY MINT OIL refreshes and tones the skin.


СМОЛА АКАЦИИ ACACIA RESIN has a calming and healing effect.

Ritual of application

Massage into the previously cleansed problem areas, apply plastic wrap for 10-45 minutes and then rinse with warm water.


1-2 stage of cellulite: 10-12 procedures, every 2-3 days.

3-4th stage of cellulite: 15-20 procedures, every 2-3 days.

Prevention of cellulite: once in a week.

IMPORTANT! You are unique and special! Listen to your feelings and desires, only like this you will choose the most effective and efficient course of application. The thickness of the subcutaneous fat, your experience in applying thermal wraps, individual sensitivity, age, skin type and even the day of the cycle – all this is immensely important and due to the lack of supernatural abilities cannot be taken into account when writing a template application method on the package.

(!) Apply hot wrap to the skin only after 1-2 days after skin peeling.

(!) Do not rinse off a hot wrap with warm or, even more radical, hot water. Remove it with a dry towel or rinse with cold water.

(!) Do not use hot wrap during training.

(!) Do not apply hot wrap to swollen and spider veins. It is necessary to leave 5-7 cm from each side

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