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It’s turning hot in Dubai with temperatures going up every other day and the need to smell good is the need of the hour. This is the right time to look for the best perfumes for men and make them an inevitable part of your closet. With best smelling perfumes and colognes specially designed for men, you elevate your summer look a notch higher and better.

Let us make your job easier by recommending a few best perfumes for men to flaunt in Dubai. Here are our top ten best smelling perfumes for the gentleman in you!

Topping this year’s list of best perfumes for men, the Absolute Boy by Bottega Le Essenza is a sway of rightly balanced fruity and spicy textures. What makes it stand out among the best smelling perfumes is its glorious flair of expression beginning from the fruitiness of pineapple and melon beneath a layer of cardamom, pink pepper, mint, and cinnamon. With creamy vanilla wavering the woody base, this fragrance is undoubtedly hitting all the points in a summer checklist in Dubai.

With this absolute killer of the best perfume for men, you stay a boy and a gentleman at the same time.

Creed Aventus by Creed  

Having a party at your office and the need to swipe your seniors and colleagues off their feet with the best perfumes for men in town is human! With Creed Aventus by Creed, you turn into a leader ruling every space you occupy like the legendary George Clooney with magnificence and ardour. Adapting the modern twist of contemporary and hippie concepts, this fearless fragrance commences with pineapple, blackcurrant, bergamot, and apple. While patchouli finds its space in the heart with a few berries, the strong base of musk and oakmoss make it a depictive form of heroism and valour.

Finding your pick from the best smelling colognes for men is a hideous task for sure, but Creed Aventus needs no mention to be grabbed right away.

Sauvage by Dior  

For the debonair man, loving it crisp and trim always, the Sauvage by Dior is a complete treat to the noses and eyes making it an all-time favourite in the best perfumes for men category! With a revolutionary module that bursts out with mood-lifting citrus notes of raspberry and bergamot and closes out with raw yet gorgeous earthy flavours of musk and amber, it portrays the classy, charismatic and vibrant gentleman beneath. In the list of the best smelling and selling colognes for men, Sauvage by Dior has made a statement of its own.

Being the winner of the “Fragrance of the Year 2019” in the Men’s Prestige at FiFi Awards and topping the sale charts of the perfume industry for best smelling perfumes, this one can completely leave your aura spell-bound with nostalgia and love!

Guilty Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci  

Unlike how the package looks black and white, Guilty by Gucci has every tint of shade attached to it making it an inevitable choice when talking about the best perfumes for men in Dubai. With a combination of citrusy lemon and floral brilliance of lavender and orange blossom, this scent is way more playful and extremely brimming with joy contrasting its first impressions. With a woodsy base and patchouli filling the emotion right, this fragrance is definitely a win in the party world today undoubtedly. It has easily found itself in the list of best colognes for men for multiple years in a row accounting for its divinity and authenticity.

With best smelling perfumes like Guilty by Gucci, you never feel guilty of spreading the misconceived fragrance and remain fresh as the first rain.

L.12.12 Blanc by Lacoste  

Being a woody aromatic fragrance, the L.12.12 Blanc by Lacoste holds a unique position among the others mentioned in this list of best perfumes for men. While the perfumes stand complimenting the fashion ranges of shirts, you could also find yours by matching it with your fashion sense easily, making it fall differently for everyone. Elegant and simple in its smell, the starting notes of grapefruit citrusy and spicy cardamom stands for an intense best cologne for men in town. With a core of Mexican tuberose and a leather-cedar base, the perfume explores sophistication in symbolism.

Find yourself wearing the best fashion, and the best cologne for men, and that’s all that takes for Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc to leave a long-lasting impression.

L Homme Parfum by Louis Breton  

The precious list of recommendations for best perfumes for men will be incomplete if 2017 launched L'Homme Louis Breton abiding by all the formal regulations of an office wear odor is not mentioned. From the Chypre fruity family, the individual notes come together and blend quite well to stay just in a working atmosphere. With notes like Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, and Pineapple topping the well-flavored scent, it stays unique in the crowd. With a center design of Rose, Dry Birch, Moroccan jasmine, Patchouli, it only seems to upgrade to a clearer version of itself. With a woody base to strike the right chords, this best smelling perfume for men is a steal for sure!

If you’re someone who loves to keep it simple and graceful, juggling between hustles and home, you can never miss out on this one among the best colognes for men.

Homme by Mark Des Vince  

A sway of the Mediterranean wind and an oriental chillness is all we earn for in the hot season of Dubai, and that’s what the Mark Des Vince Homme EDP is about as one of the best perfumes for men! With citric notes of bergamot and mandarin that serve the job of lemonade on a sunny beach day contrasting the ambergris and heavenly musk talking everything about ‘overcoming’, this is a must manly reserve for every summer!

Let your spirits sail in the wind, free from the heat, with Mark Des Vince Homme, and enjoy one of the best scents when it comes to best smelling perfumes for the gentlemen of today.

Explorer by Mont Blanc  

If your personality is all about adventure on the go, on sleighs, and of snowballs, then Explorer by Montblanc is truly an incredible option of best perfumes for men inviting every male to explore beyond horizons and landscapes. Being a woody and aromatic fragrance, this bottle puts a green tint to the richer vetiver and patchouli fabrics. With bergamot and sage hitting the right spots at first impression, this acclaimed best cologne for men finds its soul resting in the precious leather and sandalwood. Like any other magical best smelling perfumes, the scent stays long with woody textures at its base.

For the explorers, way-finders, and decision makers, the Explorer by Mont Blanc makes the correct choice among the list of top 10 best perfumes for men to wear and flaunt in Dubai.

Roberto Cavalli Uomo M EDT 100ML  

The masculine interpretation in Uomo by Roberto Cavalli makes it an exclusive oriental and aromatic addition to the list of best perfumes for men to wear in Dubai. Showcase yourself as gutsy, confident, and smoothly seductive in nature with the first spray of black violet. With the warm and exotic saffron making the middle, the scent is rare and metaphorically complicated to not be missed out on the best colognes for men this year. With petals of lavender dripping with honey over a base of cedar, the composition turns heavenly and deep making this bottle of the elixir is a must in your wardrobe.

There must be a reason for it to rank among the best smelling perfumes for men more than a dozen times across fashion expertise publications.

De Noir by Victor Hills  

Last on the list of best perfumes for men, but never the least is the Victor Hills De Noir with its high-hitting accords and rightly places tanginess of flavors. Strongly subsiding into the top colognes for men in the fruity aromatic genre, this scent blasts off with pineapple, bergamot, apple, and black currant, all in its natural seductiveness. The sweetness and humility get elevated with Moroccan jasmine and rose at the heart with a pinch of patchouli. Ending at musk and amber dripping with fluid vanilla, any fragrance fanatic can digest why this perfume makes for the best smelling perfume for men.

If it’s a humble notion of personality you adore, then the De Noir by Victor Hills is the right one out of all the awesome best perfumes for men in Dubai.

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