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All About Arabic perfumes in Dubai


Dubai is a large shopping destination for attar & perfume and they are quite popular among the tourists and the local people. 

The journey of Arabic perfumes in Dubai is a long and inspirational one, to fulfilling the dream of establishing a legacy in perfumery in the newly established federation.

Arabic perfumes have the unique warmth of a heritage that spans millennia. The different perfume brands successfully introduced their customers to quality perfumes, that became synonymous with a symbol of the best that life has to offer to be adopted and cherished by millions across the region.

The extraordinary heights the various brands go render ultra-modern produce perfumes annually across the globe. The brand is not one to rest on its laurels, but the constantly evolving and reinventing online stores offers the best quality of products and services to its customers.

The brand identity to adopt a sleeker, more modern, and customer-friendly image in addition to a much more vibrant online presence offers customers easy online access to various new, robust, modern and user-friendly interfaces. 

The special Arabic style perfume in UAE is mostly preferred in Gulf countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and more to indulge your senses in the fragrances that come straight out of perfumeries.

Looking to buy Arabic perfumes? Here are a few places you should definitely check out. The popular Arabic perfumeries in Dubai are:

Vperfumes Online store

They capture the sensation of irresistibility using the intense aromas of the featured scents online. Their romantic approach to Arabian perfumery creates a soft, sweet aroma that's simply divine.  

Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian perfumes are designed for heavenly spritzed in a line of alcohol-free that are true homages to oud lightened with a touch of musk. It is an introduction to heady, woody aromatics in Dubai style. 


Dubai-based perfumery Ajmal specializes in spice-laden scents and traditional ouds, sampling the brand's signature scents to narrow down your personal fragrance profile. 


Ne’emah is popular among the youth because of its trendy ladies' perfumes in Dubai which created hype in the international market. They prove that Arabic fragrances are strong and refreshing, giving you a mesmerising experience.


Amouage was born out of a love of fragrance with the blends of precious woods and Middle Eastern spices. Amouage's eye-catching falcons consist of an elaborate blend of scents that tells its own tale. 

Boutique M. Micallef 

It is popular for creating trendy fragrances that are worth the time. You can even get the perfume personalized according to your choice. 


Inspired by the precious oils known as ghalia, Ghawali offers a contemporary interpretation of rich perfumes. The notes and strengths of their own personal fragrance blend add the latest addition to your scent collection. 

Al Rasasi 

Al Rasasi has built a worldwide reputation for creating exclusive oriental and western fragrances to offer the customers an expansive portfolio of perfumes that vary in notes, types and applications. They are designed and manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility and the brand operates an extensive retail and distribution network.

Al Haramain

Al Haramain Perfumes provides high-quality oriental perfumes for customers around the world and its specialization in Arabic fragrances creates a unique combination of the exotic and the contemporary.

To sum Up

Perfumes and scents have come to play a very important part in the everyday life of Arabs and the modern perfume industry owes a great deal to ancient Arabic perfumery. So, here you have our best picks of fragrances online in Dubai. Spending money on a fragrance of your choice would definitely enter one of these popular perfume shops in Abu Dhabi.

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