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For love and compassion, there is no set time or occasion! And surprises have no season!

If you’re looking for that ‘thoughtful gift’ that can make you loved one go “How do you know me so well?”, then this where you end! As there’s nothing more than fragrances that are a personalized entity for anybody, from your beloved spouse to your serious boss at the office!

Not convinced yet? Let me tell you why perfumes are the best gifts ever.

To begin with, these are intimate belongings, just like the dress to look in a certain way or an accessory that makes a statement of a person. Nothing can get anymore closer to anyone than ‘how they want themselves to smell’! Out of all the lifestyle products, a scent is the best to be gifted with. You take time out to identify someone’s favorite notes, accords, and preferences and present them with a part of their daily routine. Isn’t that itself a fancy reason to vouch for?

The scope to choose from a wide array of options is another advantage. From expensive luxury scents to reasonable odors catching the crowd’s attention, this is never a bad idea for anyone. Owing to check into specially curated and branded ones, you have it. Looking to get some traditional artifact for your friend, the oriental and floral ones just swipe right. It has one for any occasion; be it a birthday, anniversary, or a very formal congratulating ceremony, gifting a fragrance never goes wrong.

When you get back from your native place, a spice of your land or a souvenir that hits into the heart is so overwhelming to be gifted with. Imagine opening the wrappers with that curious face, and going back to the times you loved living or reminding you of someone close to your heart! That is another reason to gift scents, as it engraves nostalgic memories. It is a rewind button in disguise, taking you to the dusty libraries of your school, sunflower gardens that stayed witness to your love story, and the cradle that held your first baby. Bringing back treasured reminiscence is the most valued feeling you can gift anyone, worth every penny!

And when it comes to all kinds of incredible packaging, what’s stopping you? If ‘surprise in a box’ had a visual representation, a pack of fragrances would be the apt one, undoubtedly.

When planning to get one, keep these points in your mind, for choosing the best-suited one, in terms of fragrance and gifting flairs. Get your preferred sillage right, on a scale of light to moderate to intense. Impressions do matter, and for scents, it’s both the first and last. Give attention to the details of the packaging and bottle sculpting, as first-vibes are caught by the eyes even before you get to the smell of the liquid. You are free to go by finest wrapping, chic, or classic styles of presentation, depending on how the likes of the person being gifted. Since this would be the last drop or the finishing touch to a complete attire of one, make sure it has that charm to mesmerize not just the ones around, but the soul that resides.

They say you can never measure and preserve love, unconditional. Well, I would say, one bottle of perfume can reflect a million hues of love, to make forever a finite expression.

To gift your close ones, we have got the best of gift sets for every occasion, for every kind of heart! Keep reading to find which would suit your dearest!

Let’s start with the all-time favorite, the Pepe Jeans London for Men Eau De Parfum 100ML Set, encompassing everything masculine and standing-out with its stature and amalgam! The citric essence of Bergamot and mandarin instantly refreshes the whole mind and ambience. With the lavender-ish notes and its mix with the very strong coffee brings out the character it is known for, authoritative and unmatchable! Well, when this comes with a pleasant shower gel, all in pretty cocktail shaker-alike bottles, it is undoubtedly banging the credits for being the best gift for the man in your life; from your father to you son!

If it is a woody texture and a culturally thoughtful present you’re searching for, go no further than the Arabian Eagle Old Indian Oud Fragrance Sticks Set. They say, all good things start from your homes! And what better than something contributing the aura of your dears houses! With the spicy yet mildly woody scent, this is a very innovative gift to touch the hearts and souls of your kins! And next time you visit them, get to see it making the space vibrant with that minimalistic holder proudly grasping the fragrance sticks and the lively vapor that comes off!

Bvlgari Omnia Coral for Women Eau De Toilette 65ML Set would be my all-time suggestion for the ladies of today! From it extra-maximalist bottle design to the fresh and vibrant scent, all packed in a luxury golden pouch is everything to vouch for any day! This fruity aroma launched by Alberto Morillas around eight years ago is a package of amazing fruit scents you would die for, form bergamot to Goji berries and from Hibiscus to Virginia Cedar! When the combination is just on-point rightly fitting into the romantic and optimistic edges, why fear!

One more to end with, I would highly recommend the Haramain Majmuath Al Arab Gift set any day for any occasion! The set of three varying Oudh flavors, this is the perfect selection for anyone who loves Arabian and Oriental essences. With three magnificently designed bottles of Dehnal Oudh Mukhallath, Rooh Al Wardh and Rooh Al Oudh, this box is a colorful pleasure to the eyes and obviously not to mention, the noses!

What are you waiting for, for I believe gifting has no occasion! Gift you favorites, out of nothing but love!

Also, why gift a flower that can wither away, when you can gift one that stays for a lifetime!

Being your Santa with a bag of gifts,

Faizal Changampally

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