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HAPPINESS IN A BOTTLE: 5 Perfumes for a Happier You


Did you know that fragrance can instill optimism and recall positive thoughts more than music and casual media? Did you know they are the best in evoking a nostalgic state of mind? Well, yes, it’s sealed right by science! Many a perfume can bring a smile and chuck off that wrinkle on your forehead effortlessly and here are five of them we think does a great job!


Thinking of a relaxed state of mind, vanilla and jasmine can never be missed! And Gucci Bamboo has both of them rising over your olfactory senses turning every paddle into happy ions on the way. Curbing anxiety in starring ways, the potent blend of jasmine over citrus and floral notes puts those devils in your head to sleep!

Not getting enough sleep, overthinking all night? Getting wafts of Gucci Bamboo might just bliss you out, and out your eyes to rest and noses to the action!



When a chaotic day lies ahead, you know what to do! Wafts of Essenza Alchemy on your skin with its accentuating scents of ambergris and black pepper can take care of your adrenaline levels all day. Lowering your blood pressure and increasing brain activity, these ingredients of bergamot, coriander, and bourbon vanilla is all you would need to hasten your productivity and keep that smile on your face intact!

Thinking of an office desktop accessory to uplift your mood when insight? Look no further, the Essenza Alchemy bottle of magic it is!



A pink beauty that reflects positivity in heaps and bundles, addictive to peaks, the Azza De Lillis with its incredible configuration manifesting an illusion! Well, the jasmine is not called the nature’s valium for no reason at all, it does work wonders on your mind and soul, boosting the inner strength and eliminating anxious thoughts that haunt! Comforting, subtle, lovely, calm, and everything that falls synonymous with a relaxing weekend morning with nothing on your to-do bulletin!

Who would need a happy place, if you could have everything right where you stand? And that’s Azza De Lillis, traversing places at once!



It’s all in the name! A dab of Joy by Dior on your skin can just take away that entire whack in you, with the gorgeous sandalwood, jasmine, and mandarin together tying up togetherness! Getting your cortisol level and heart rates down, stress can be seen nowhere near this fragrance speaking tons!  Just the right balance like that swift sleep on your mother’s lap, this Joy of Dior can be nature’s way of loving you back.

If it’s a comfort that you’re in search of, a mind in harmony that you yearn for, the Joy by Dior is perfect for you!



Does a deep inhale-exhale in the middle of a forest relieve your tight muscles and set the soul in you free enough to witness gratitude? Then, Holy Oud Beautiful Wood is what you need right away in your closet or pocket now! With woody essences of Oudh, sandalwood, and amber musk that gladiate through the veins of floral notes, happiness instills out of nowhere, from void to sheer bliss!

For you who love travel, for you whose steps see boundaries that get you on track again, this is yours, the Holy Oud Beautiful Wood. Being in the woods is being at your goods!


It’s not only the music in your eyes and food that wriggles into your tummy that brings you joy, it’s the scents you inhale too! From the nose to the brains, to the hearts, it flourishes everywhere!

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