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Once blindfolded, lavender is one ingredient that hits uniquely in your nose. Said to have originated in the lands of India, this soothing fresh exuberance for springs and summers is now an inevitable note in the aromatic floral perfume industry. Being an herby flavor with a refreshing side, it’s often blended with equally aromatic essences like pine, sage, and rosemary or even with the stronger bases of patchouli oakmoss, and citrus fruits. 

From adding a feminine fervor to exploding grace in every spray, lavender is one note that everybody must own one with! And here are five of our favorites, for you to try!



This is where passion flows from ascent to your hearts, with the Burberry Brit Rhythm stimulating your chords to a newer day. With an energizing fluidity of spicy pink pepper, neroli, lavender, and aldehydes, you cannot stop moving a little foot with a luminous effervescence. The floral bouquet expands the femininity with all the petals of blackberry, orange blossom, and orrisroot touching every heart that senses the rejuvenating fragrance. With the base notes of coumarone, cedar, vetiver, and musk pulling off woody accents to create a harmony tapping with your soulful musical spirit and kick-starting your bucket lists.  

If you engrave your dreams onto your hearts and put forward a graceful walk to success, the Burberry Brit Rhythm with its essential lavender scent can tone up your taste of victory!



With flourishing lavender that glorifies the scent in a dramatic play, the revelation of Mark Des Vince Aromatic 103 Concentrated Perfume can be used for both genders combining the luminosity of violet lavender with darker woody bold notes of Patchouli and Ambroxan. Bringing in a contemporary treatment to the traditional lavender with its middle interventions by May rose and freesia adds a floral contemplation to the quirky yet relaxing fragrance. Launched in the year 2021, this glorious twist of ingredients in today’s play of fragrances, and can’t help but skip a beat or two.

If the innovation in older fragrances is what interests you, the Mark Des Vince Aromatic 103 Concentrated Perfume is a must-buy for your dressing table.



Not every perfume takes you across all the phases of your life, just with one spray! The Faiz Niche Collection Aromatic F5000 has everything from woody to spicy to aromatic, with raw and unadulterated arousal of instincts all over your five senses. For both the sexes, this scent commences by removing a veil of mystery with spicy accords of cardamom beneath slightly entangled with the freshness of lavender, bergamot, and cedar. Elaborating the hidden strength in every perfume lover, the opulence is raised by a base fondled by vetiver and cumin, leading to an elegant closure. Synonymous to everything fierce and light, this is pure bliss!

If you love the cocktail of scents one after the other, flowing intermediately without hurdles into a fluid collage, the Faiz Niche Collection Aromatic F5000 EDP is the one to go for!



Renowned as a refined explicit timelessness in a bottle for the pragmatic and victorious who keeps his tradition to himself, the Aqua Di Parma Colonia EDC is a citrusy reflection of lavender, where the floral ingredient is balanced with hints of vetiver, sandalwood, and patchouli. It blends the contrast of bustling city life with the hills of the native lands, transporting you between the citrusy extravaganza of lemon, sweet orange, and Calabrian bergamot with the dedication to craftsmanship. Establishing as a symbol of Italian Chic, this perfume rounds across the country’s flavors handcrafted to precision and exclusivity.

Are you living in a hectic town with ‘hustle mode on’ and yet wish to feel the countryside when in your apartment? Then, Aqua Di Parma Colonia EDC has to be in your bag!



As they say, ‘Lavender is every flower’s friend’, the Public Affair Optimistic is a living example for the saying! With the top note of pink pepper, mandarin, orange, and bergamot slaying it along with lavender, the fragrance envelopes itself in a heart of gold-equivalent lilac, peach, geranium, jasmine, and black currant. The youthful spirit in you blossoms as the mixture convolutes into a woody grace of patchouli, amber, white musk, and vanilla. Just like the whimsical name to the dreamy bottle design, this scent is the perfect final touch for your pretty look. Warming you up with a nice smoky finish, you’re going to slay the ride!

If it's romance, drama, and smoky seduction that represents you, then the Public Affair Optimistic is the blush every lady needs, reddening your cheeks and personality!


Lavender in the perfume, the simmer, and slumber you need! Which one’s your choice? Drop it below!


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