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We all have favourites that we love keeping, of food, of colour, and of perfume scent! Let’s dig in a little deeper into fragrance notes that might sway you off your feet. This time, it’s the flavourful gorgeousness of melting vanilla ice creams on a hot summer afternoon! Being an incredible stress-reliever, sensual as an aphrodisiac, and the second most pricy spice, the vanilla deserves all the applause! Creamy, comforting, exotic, vanilla it is!

Here are seven vanilla picks for the day!



With the right blend of fruity-floral combinations on a vanilla foreground, the Mancera Vanille Exclusive configures petals of violet, osmanthus, tuberose and jasmine bringing the essence of joy into the frame. The vanilla that shrieks around into the woody notes of amber and musk sets everything in right harmony.

A flair of whipped cream, a slice of white peach and a little brown sugar to sweeten the amalgam, the Mancera Vanille Exclusive is undoubtedly royalty in a bottle!




Some creamy magnificence that dwells in the hands of nature, powerful and healing, is what Essenza Velours D’Or is all about. Shooting in with a splash of water notes and lemon devoting its centre to the rose petals caramelized with sugary ingredients, this magical potion is vanilla in and over every weft!

As smooth as a cradle with an infant rocked into peaceful sleep, the Essenza Velours D’Or is as creamy it can get!



For the love of pure jasmine oozing out of forest treasures as in oak moss circumference with petals of jasmine flowers, the Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee is a blissful panorama in itself. With coriander and lime spicing things up between floral and citrus juxtapositions, this fragrance takes a leap into the warm, cosy, and elegant reserve of serendipity.

Imagine a rainy night with dews that scroll through the hand that is waved outside a house, the sense of contrast in the rain and the silence, that’s what Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee is!




Synonymous to the swift dunes of the Arabian deserts, the Arabian Eagle Incredible Arabia has a pump of vanilla into every spice from cinnamon to cloves. With notes from Oudh to Amber gloriously putting forth woodsy textures into the white and creamy finesse of the fragrance, this sweet fluid perfume is no less than an addiction!

Why travel beyond deserts to sway in the hot winds and glide across the granules of sand when Arabian Eagle Incredible Arabia can do the job at hand!


Imagine a sweeter version of the magical ingredient, imagine that drizzle of melting vanilla ice cream over your lips! The experience of wearing Lancome La Vie Est Belle is no less cooler and conditioned. Hiking from black currant and pear to a middle range of orange blossoms tied off a garland of jasmine and iris, this perfume is composed on a base of patchouli, Tonka bean, praline, and not to mention, the vanilla!

A fragrance that has been a victim to its well-established victory, not unique but definitely worth the buy for it’s a test of time on its own, the Lancome La Vie Est Belle!


Vanilla that spikes straight away from the first note, this one does perfect layering, one ingredient over the other, Mark Des Vince Sweet Dust. Slanting into the cupcake territory, everything stays in control; the warmth, the sweetness, and the creamy opulence. A gourmand that goes from saffron to amber wood to honeysuckle, this one is blended into a glut of musk, fir, and resin, alluring every vein into the sweet death!

Hypnotizing you into a world of vanilla confectionaries, the Mark Des Vince Sweet Dust is the nest sweet orientation in town!


A little overboard the normal vanilla that screams vanilla, the Victor Hills Leader Gold is subtle, and restrained for a potential perfume! With a lucid blend of the vanilla sweetness balanced with Egyptian balsam, leather, grapefruits, Damask Rose and Honeysuckle. For anybody who loves the moderate sweetness of vanilla with the punch of woodsy notes, this might be the last resort!

Intelligently cunning and well entangled between in amaze of woodsy and vanilla dominancy, that’s where the Victor Hills Leader Gold takes its embankment!

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