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The month of piousness and compassion is here, and every day is entitled with loads of prayers and the zest of gratitude spreads synonymous to the best of fragrances.

As the UAE has already stepped into the holy month, let’s celebrate the hospitality of sharing, caring and loving oneself and others. Fragrances have been an inevitable part of the month of reflection, aiming to evoke emotions, bring positive energy and flourish a sense of peace and tranquillity in hearts and homes. May these pure times be filled with heartfelt gifted emotions and answered wishes, with these top four must-buys from V-Perfumes. Gift others and get for yourself, for these are beyond magical like the moon that grows!

It’s a ‘forever’ between the pious Ramadan days and the fragrance of Oudh that penetrates the hearts with a strong emotion of togetherness in the wilderness! The Arabian Eagle Old Indian Oud claims the essence of fasting and perseverance to the core, with the opening notes of agarwood gently flowing into spices and amber. With an existential plethora of agarwood oil and musk, this is undoubtedly the best-selling and blending Ramadan purchase worth every penny.


A fascinating contrast just like the month that cleanses your living, of airy and steamy effervescence, the Faiz Niche Silk Oud is a rare scent where bergamot, tangerine and nectarine mingles with floral magnificence of jasmine, freesia, lily-of-the-valley, and gardenia. The trail that ends with a tint of creamy vanilla grossing the woody musk, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli takes this holy odour a perfect choice for the night prayers, where you stay fresh and lively, all through the religious nights of harmony.

When you smell of roses and woods, the heart gets warmed with love and ardency, and so does the fragrance of Manzana Forteresse Light intends in wavering across souls that pay devotion to their creator, the Almighty! With a tint of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli, over a fluffy bed of saffron, this can absolutely take breaths away. You may present it as a token of love or feel the holy illusion yourself!

For the Arabian hospitality that tops the Ramadan feels in UAE, the Holy Oud Oud Occidental is a glorious oriental elixir that projects gentle patience and strong characterization. With roses hued with saffron flairs, the Oud Occidental perfume swings its flavours across Labdanum and Agarwood portraying the versatile and sacrificing hearts of giving more than receiving! For every friend of yours, on any religious occasion, this Arab woody potion can do absolute justice!


These are the favourite four for our customers, every Ramadan, and you might like them too! Well, may your Ramadan’s smell of Oudh from the fragrances you own and of cardamom from the delicacies made in the kitchen! May you stay blessed this Ramadan, and makes the best out of it!

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