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Have you ever had the experience of perfume shopping and getting confused with complicated labels like Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette? Knowing about these perfume concentrations and grasping an insight into its ‘which should I buy’ can change your perspective. Let us simplify it for you!




Also known as Extrait de Parfum, these perfumes have the biggest percentage of concentrations ranging anywhere between 15-40% and hence has very less alcoholic constitution. For the same reason, these are slightly into the expensive category, and feel authentic and heavy in scent. Majorly including essential oils and pure fragrances, the Parfum needs a very soft dab on the skin to last very long!

Why should I choose Parfum?

You might choose parfum if you have a sensitive skin as these accommodate dry skin users due to its limited alcoholic content. Also, if you’re looking for a powerful scent that stays longer during hot summer locations, a parfum can be your unmistakable choice.



With concentration levels of 15-20%, the EDP or Eau de Parfum perfumes stand second in the chart, with high scent sillage and around five to six hours of longevity. Being lesser expensive than pure parfum and yet healthy to sensitive or dry skin, EDP fragrances can offer great scent for a longer time.

Why should I choose Eau de Parfum?

If you are willing to pay a decent amount for a concentrated fragrance, the EDP sector can be your place of interest. Well suited to everyday casual makeovers, either for an office or for a festival, more for the nights, these can save your image and pockets.


The most popular concentration perfume preferred in the industry today is the Eau De Toilette or EDT with a concentration of 5-15%. These are light on the nose yet do the job of staying an average time of around four hours, and are loved by many for its appropriate pungency and moderate existence. Mostly presented as potable and wearable sprays, these have lesser blend of essential oils and more water.

Why should I choose Eau de Toilette?

If it’s the days that demand the scent, this might be better option than the EDP. For the daily errands and the short time go-outs, these can be favor than the heavy and head-wrenching higher concentration perfumes. Wearable at any function, and the best for those who love switching perfumes by day and night!



With just 2-4% of fragrance concentration, the Eau de Cologne is majorly alcohol and need heaps of application to give out the impact, which is why these often comes in bigger packages and bottles. A cheaper and pocket-friendly alternative for the light noses, these are often stress-relieving and uplifting fragrances with lots of citrus and green notes.

Why should I choose Eau de Cologne?

If getting into a right mood of stress-free survival is your requirement, the cologne is your friend in need! For the ones who aren’t willing to spend a lot on perfumes and yet needs to stay presentable at all times can be potential customers to this piece of light marvels!



These are fresher or body mists, with even lesser fragrance concentrations, just around 1-3%. One advantage it hold over colognes is its lesser alcoholic content, instead replaced with water, and hence can be well suitable for sensitive skins. Lasting only for two hours, the Fraiche can be a random dressing hack for an emergency meeting or stroll that comes up!

Why should I choose Eau de Fraiche?

Perfect for the warm months of summer, Eau de Fraiche is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. For those who love a fresh feeling than a scent, these can be the end of their search!


Shopping for perfumes can be tedious, but fun once informed! Now that you know them better, get your favorites right away. Cart it all; place the order and Ta-Da!

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