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Your style defines you! And so does your perfume. Have you ever wondered how can the aura and fragrance as you enter a room or a hall reflect what you behold as a character? Have you felt the need to transmit the waves through the scent you use? Well, you’ve got it spot-on. It does work, and here is a guide on how to choose a perfume according to your personality type.

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For the Classy and On-Point

The world is slowly turning into a corporate globe, where professionalism meets formal dressing in neat, polishes, structured levels of outlooks. To blend into this context, being classy and tucked in is a necessity, for which Fresh Floral and Aldehydes can bring laurels onto your lookbook. Like a swift wind breeze rivaling through the classic glamour quotient, the floral notes as in jasmine, rose, lavender, and lily of the valley can be the right choice undoubtedly. It can keep your going all along the hustling day and be a signature epitomizing a workaholic and fervor self.

Does that sound like you? You might love Arpege by Lanvin, Chanel No. 5, or even Attention by Louis Breton! Now you, what to choose!

For the Calm and Composed

Are you thinking of a relaxing vacation by the Caribbean beaches or a weekend popped up on your bed, away from the bustle of the city? When in pajamas and the softest of linen enjoying the comfort of lazy holidays and unfussy outfits, woody and aromatic fragrances are the ones adding flavor to every relaxing state of plethora. With ingredients just out of the earth, like citrus, spices, and woods of cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver gloriously gracing your aura, the calmness gets a little more serene!

We know that’s you! Well, you might go for a spray of Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain, Faiz Niche Collection Woody, or the Chance Chanel Au Fraiche. Extend your comfort a little more!

For the Dynamic and Dramatic

Are you always brimmed with energy and zest, bubbly across all phases of life, demanding attention with bold colors and accessories to dress you up? To complement the dynamic vibe you transcend, and to adjoin the sharp lines on your look book, a tint of oriental, amber, and Hesperidian scents can be absolute glory! Multiply your exclusiveness with opulence from musk, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus heavy scents, and a hue of camphorwood oils and sandalwood incense. Announce your grand arrival with the exuberant contemplation of animal scents and dreamy heavy floral perfumes.

Do you keep popping over places? Let your fragrance pop out too with Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, CK One by Calvin Klein, and Public Affair Oriental Affair. Get ready and watch hearts beating for you!

For the Artistic and Creative

Getting into the pants of an artist with buzzing heads and wandering spirits can be the toughest and voicing out the unusual construction and asymmetrical magic of clothing has a lot left for the fragrances to play with. Going all green is the way out, stringent on original and motivating auras. Green with a little spicy, woody and floral, can be a gorgeous amalgamation for any creative mind to let her soul fry free.

Oh! You’re the artist gang? Get going with a dab of Devin by Aramis, Arabian Eagle Aventus Creation, or Azzaro. Watch the creative hormones flow with the fragrance.

For the Rebellious and Daring

When you have all the opportunities to go unconventional out of the traditional clothing and accessories and add a meaningful slogan to your T-shirts, why not take the incredible fashion move! To compliment your rebel outfit, heavy notes of leather and gourmand can take your strong and non-conformist personality to another level. Make a statement with joyful gourmand flavors and edgy leather scents tinged with honey, tobacco, and wood tars to dig deeper into a strong character.

Are you outgoing to accept the ordinary? Well, turn extra-ordinary with Angel by Thierry Mugler, Cuir de Ruisse by Chanel, and Holy Oudh Oudh Occidental. Stand Out now!


There’s more to perfumes than you think! And here is an extract that may help you! Let your fragrance not just make you smell great, but reflect the huge heart you own the values you confide with.

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