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In these challenging times, acknowledging the family and friends that stay with you is worth every effort. After a holy month of prayers and sacrifice, Eid brings in a gush of happy emotions, family occasions and hell lots of happiness! How about saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ and hugging it out with a nice out-of-the-box fragrance that stays treasured all along the year to come, spreading the essence of love and eternity.

Here are a few scents that can bring the best smile on the face of your dear ones!



Evoke the mysterious, soft, and sensual side of your relation with a tint of this incredible bottle filled with woody and smoky fragrances. Blossoming with geranium and saffron, with bouquets of roses and oud placed over a bark of leather, cedar, and frankincense. Gift a piece of your adventurous self, and watch the glee of happiness that bewilder!



The celebration calls for a new beginning, and a lucky charm to a journey ahead. Who wouldn’t love a collection of easily portable capsules of different fragrances for different occasions! This box, available for both male and female, has everything for every mood, from a joyful energetic party to a romantic night in the forest. For everyone, any time, and anywhere!



An epitome of class, spiritualism and celebration! The Versace Oud Oriental can be the right choice for the lady of your life who deserves a splash of warmth and spice, flavoured with saffron, and leather oud accord. The violet powdered into sandalwood crumbles can never go wrong for the auspicious moments turn into forever! Get her this golden masterpiece and carve your name in that precious heart of hers!  



They say, anything in triplets is lucky and gorgeous in the religion and beneath. Why not the Iris De Perla Collections to sway the ‘three-is-best’ principle, a set of three perfumes with immensely charming accords and sillages! Crafted for the feminine and masculine, these sets can be a delight to the eyes and noses, with the smoky Oud that stands out and the woody interference in leather notes display its power and valour. Gifting positivity and strength in these difficult times can be thoughtful, very well thought indeed!


Validate the strength they impart and the finest steel trait displayed, a gift for the Herculean and mighty, with Mark Des Vince Future. The oriental floral scent takes a flight with a blend of whimsical tuberose, exotic Ylang, and enigmatic jasmine. The middle core of blossoms drenched in luscious fruit and animal scents lands on a firm base vibrant with amber wood accords, musk, and patchouli. Offering an invitation to the serene future broadening its opulence over the horizon, this one is the world in short!



Offer a glimpse of the auspicious day of belongingness and oneness with this soft, warm and carnal fragrance fitting both genders incredibly. The Oud Satin Mood revolves around the seductive agarwood over a clasp of roses from Bulgaria, Turkey tinctured with aromatic benzoic and soft violet notes. What an incredible replacement for the vanilla ice cream with this fragrance dipped in creamy vanilla yet stays for long, never melting out!


With flairs of boldness through a great intertwining of oriental and woody notes, the Olive Perfumes Boutique Oud Intense is a gift anybody would love to be at the receiving end. Smelling right on all genders, the fragrance swings its way into a graceful mixture of agarwood, white musk, sandalwood, gardenia and cloves. Together, the need for the Eid Al Fitr came into existence as this bright piece of revolution.


Want to make the good day blush with a little more joy and treasure the memories into a time capsule into the future? This set of four incredibly variant and splendid fragrances can be your savior! With twisty, sandy, frenzy and exotic wood interpretations of scents, this collection can just make the mood grow for the better! Bright pastel elixirs can be the magical illusion metamorphosing the occasion with its touch of floral, fruity, woody and glorified with tuberose and sweetest vanilla.


Let these fragrances mix with aromas of food that binds your family together! We wish you a great Eid, may the laughter at your homes spread and wander just like fragrances, and may this be a year of change, of strength and of recovery! Eid Mubarak, happy together-ing and happy perfume gifting!



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