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Have you ever thought about the origin of perfumes? Do you wonder where it all began?

Today’s world of fragrances seems to have begun with a lady named Tipputti from Mesopotamia in the B.C 2000s. Her incredible thought of mixing varieties of flowers, natural oils, calamus with different aromatics, and filtering them repeatedly to derive perfumes is the oldest story related to perfumery recorded in the Cuneiform Tablet. And there goes the title of the world’s first perfumer. The word perfume originates from the Latin origin term ‘parfumare’ meaning ‘to smoke through’ and then transformed into French-based ‘parfum’ and ‘parfumer’. Beginning as an art form in the ancient town of Mesopotamia, Egypt, The Great Valley of Sindhu, and Ancient China, the perfume art was developed and modernized by the Romans and Arabs with their intellectual interventions. Since then the industry has been flourishing all across the globe!
Wasn’t that interesting?

Have you pondered on why do we use perfumes? 
If you come across this question, what would be your answer? Well, as a perfumer, this question has hit me on my face quite a lot of times!

Who doesn’t love looking good and getting appreciated on the fashion statement they endure? We all definitely do! To look good is easier than to feel good, and that where your odor plays its game. In fact, that’s where perfumes become your best friend in need! Is that it? Not at all, they say, ‘your smell portrays your personality’, and I stand by it completely! 

What better than perfumes to boost your confidence for that first interview or that very important meeting! What can make your mind sway in peace other than a well-perfumed home? From a harmonious night of sleep to that immediate rise of grit, a decent aroma makes a wholesome change! There is absolutely no doubt that an office with great fragrance comes up with productive outcomes, be it from the working team behind or the clients that feel awesome right when they enter your space. Just a scent you say, no its pure magic!
It has been ages since people began using perfumes, scented lotions, and creams, only to be loved more today. Erasing bad odor andkeeping you fresh throughout the day sounds interesting to all of us, be it in the old or the new times! 

Imagine wearing a perfume that speaks everything you envision and people around your getting influenced by it! Well, though it sounds quite funny, it is true! The market today has scents to suit every person, situation, or occasion. In these hectic times when we rarely have time to converse, the idea of speaking through perfumes doesn’t sound bad at all! Get yourselves one that matches your character and perceptions and see the charm happen on its own, I swear on that!

‘He smells so nice!’ 
‘She smells so rejuvenated?’
We hear these kinds of conversations very often. Curious to know why? Our sense of smell is one of the strongest among the five sense organs. The scent from a perfume initiates the level of pheromones in our bodies which attracts us to good-smelling people or feel dejected from another. Do perfumes have anything to do with our health? Well, scientifically no. But, we need no verification for the fact that the induced confidence in people through good odors can stabilize the mental state from anxiety and hallucination. That’s an absolute add-on!

Just like chocolates, scents induce the ‘happy hormones’ in you. It can constantly lift your mood and become that one identity factor of yours! Dig a little deeper into your memories. Very often, the best souvenirs we behold are reminisced by the smell it embodies. Be it the scent of your mother’s warm hug, the smell of flowers on your way to school, of new and old books, of gifts, of wet soil, and of touches, you remember every instance in your life through odors and stenches! In fact, to restore memories, the best way is to get back the associated aroma. Why limit to restoring them, you might relive those days once again!

A tiring day at the office, exams coming up the next week, or stressful traffic, do you feel tired and exhausted? That is exactly what perfumes help you to step over! It relaxes your soul, distresses your body, takes you into a peaceful aura, and helps in holding your mental state perfectly intact! It is a one-stop remedy to enjoying a great undisturbed sleep! Apply a little amount of scented body cream, switch the lights off and go beneath your blankets, a fresh morning and an even amazing day await you ahead!

One of my favorite spells from using perfumed lotions is its ability to make headaches vanish! Doesn’t that sound like a major boon! Well, many nice-smelling lotions have arrived in the market without medicinal values imparting wrong insights to consumers, hence, make sure to check both the columns right away!

I have my favorite fragrance, don’t you have one? Let us know in the comments below. Which memory you save in the deepest of your hearts has an odor to it? Let’s see who got the most interesting one? 

All of us are observers, in this odyssey of life. Have you encountered any fragrance, from a flower, or an object, or a person that impacted the ‘you’ in you? Tell us about it, we are keen to hear your side of the tale!

With love and fragrance,
Faizal Changampally

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